Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery

Knokke – Belgium

– 27 June to 06 September 2020 –

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Oceans Exhibition

After INTERSTELLAR and MOON SERIES, Alain Richard reaffirms his love of nature, which he explores which he explores as an actor of extremely aesthetic photography. His eye usually focus on natural cycles such as those of the moon, light or time.This new chapter is devoted to water, a living environment and an immense challenge for humanity.

Loss of biodiversity and multiple alterations impoverish marine ecosystems and make our oceans very vulnerable to climate change. This situation also leads to the loss of genes and molecules that are potentially of great value for medical research or industry.

Alain Richard’s photo are a constant a reminder of the importance of preserving the oceans. They are a testimony of its beauty. By immersing us in the movement and the aesthetic power of water, his pictures invites us to reflect on the preponderant place of the oceans in our environment and their interconnections with other elements such as the moon. His prints sometimes seem abstract as the artist plays with scales and shows details which are hardly visible to the unaided eye.Their imposing formats and enveloping presence underlines our belonging to this sublime nature.The infinitely small surprisingly meets the immensity.

Alain Richard reveals an oceanic landscape of dazzling beauty whose abyss is unfortunately being damaged by human intervention. By talking to our senses and to our sight he intends to call for awareness and our commitment to individual and collective action.The «OCEANS» exhibition joins the alarm call recently sent by the scientific community about the state of the planet and the climate emergency. It confirms the need to combine artistic and scientific points of view in a common effort to raise awareness on an ecological issue that concerns us all.