Alain Richard is a Belgian photographer, born in 1968. As a young child, he first started to dream about using cameras when visiting the studio and darkroom belonging to his aunt in Germany, herself a passionate portrait photographer. At the age of 12, Alain  installed his first darkroom in his family’s basement and discovered his own passion for the world of imagery.
Upon graduation from IATA, he decided to focus on fashion photography and, straight out of school, managed to secure work with some of the most respected fashion photographers  in Paris and New York.

In 1997, he was hired to create his own global fashion photo shoot which subsequently blossomed into a successful independent career as a fashion photographer and film director.
In 2000, he launched his own studio in Brussels, called Studio 202, which rapidly gained cult status.
Throughout his years in fashion photography, Alain built a reputation  for keen creative instincts, and he was fortunate to see his photos featured around the world in the pages of many premier magazines such as Vogue USA,  Vogue France, W, DS Magazine, , ELLE  among others…

In 2014, Alain decided to leave the world of fashion and follow his artistic instincts to focus on art photography.
His own visualization of the world underwent a radical transformation as his work evolved into an ode to nature and the universe.
Since then, Alain has crisscrossed the world with his cameras in search of different shades of light and different perspectives from which to admire the sky, the plants , the water.
He photographed the Moon series in the Atacama desert, Chile. In his Far Side series, Alain used images captured by NASA in 1972 during Apollo 16’s Mission, both series focus on outer space.
Then followed his exploration on water with the Niagara series, and his most recent work, the Oceans series.

Alain Richard is known for his large scale, beautiful photographs of natural landscapes. His photographs depict starry nights, the moon, the sea, mountains, volcanic craters, and the universe that surrounds us using different detailing techniques. He plays with scales and distance.They are void of human presence and there is no narrative. The viewer is urged to be lost in time and space. In is work on water he explores the light infinite reflection and sparkling, the cycles, the mouvement.
Often working alone, Alain is fascinated with the beauty of the Earth which led to a full time occupation as a fine art photographer.

Today, Alain Richard photographs have been exhibited widely throughout the world, from NYC to Eastern Europe and Asia.
Very aware of the need to protect the environment, Alain collaborates with Leonardo DiCaprio fondation , Global Wildlife foundation and other organizations related to the protection of our planet.
He lives in Lisbon and continues to travel in pursuit of his passion for discovering new ways to capture the beauty of nature and the universe.