Alain Richard, born in 1968.

Sensitif to permanent nature cycles he observes their impact on the human being. Artist prefers to focus on understanding the really of nature. His intuition for the universe questions the potential for individual wisdom to protect the nature.

In 1990, Alain Richard finished his art degree at IATA, Belgium.

After graduation he focuses on fashion photography and move to Paris, France. His work was quickly published in Vogue -American and French-, ELLE, W, and many others. He spends those years of mastering lights and the details of the environment.

Alain Richard is known for his large scale photographs of natural landscapes. His photographs depict starry nights, the Moon, water elements, mountains, plants ; the Universe that surrounds us. They are void of human presence. The viewer is urged to be lost in time and space.

In 2009 Alain starts taking his first quite accomplished photographs of the moon and the stars in Atacama desert, Chile. Fascination with the beauty of the Earth leds him to a full time occupation as a fine art photographer.

Today, Alain Richard photographs have been exhibited widely through out the world, from NYC to Eastern Europe and Asia and enjoys a successful career.

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